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What's Included?

On this page you'll find a list of policies, projects, and priorities that have been approved since Cody took office in November 2020. The list is broken down into categories that best fit each item. Please note, just because something is listed here doesn't mean Cody is assuming personal credit for getting it accomplished, we have 7 members on the City Commission and very talented City staff that all contribute to our City moving forward.


  • Ad Hoc Housing Committee Report

  • MQT County Intergovernmental Housing Task Force

  • Hemlock Project

  • Former Marquette General Hospital Redevelopment

  • 425 Agreement

  • Spring Street Property

  • Black Rocks LIHTC Development

Community and Economic Development

  • Public Lakeshore Added

  • Climate Resolution

  • McClellan Wetlands / Forest Protected

  • Founders Landing Pier Redevelopment Project

  • Hurley Field Playground

  • Smart City Initiative

  • MI Green Communities Challenge

  • Recycling Carts

  • Lakeshore Phase 2

  • Honorable Distillery

  • Temporary Marijuana Event Permits

  • Land Development Code Amendments

  • Social District

  • Famers Market on Washington Street


  • MDOT US-41 Utility Improvements

  • Shires Drive Upgrade

  • Newberry Street Upgrade

  • Hewitt Ave Reconstruction

  • Front Street Reconstruction

  • Sidewalk Investments

  • College Ave

  • BLP Charge Stations Pilot Program

  • DDA Charging Stations

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