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Pledge: Transparency and Accessibility

Why I make this pledge

Being transparent and accessible to the general public is important in public service and helps shape a culture of inclusion, understanding, accountability, and trust. These principles are something that every public servant should not only embrace, but actively work to foster. That is why I make the following pledge of the actions I will take if elected to the Marquette City Commission.

1) I pledge to post a public explanation of every single significant vote I take as City Commissioner on my public Facebook page within 72 hours. If I am unable to make a post within the 72 hours, I will make a post stating this and give a timeline of when to expect it. I will also allow public comments on these post to allow for respectful criticism, and provide clarity by answering questions and comments when able. Provided these comments are respectful of others and are relevant to the post topics.

2) I will support the continued use of recording City Commission meetings and posting them on the City's YouTube channel. This would include work sessions and City Board and Comittees. It may not be possible at all time to do this, but I would ask that this practice continues as much as possible.

3) Ask that the City continues to create public Facebook events on the City Facebook page for every public hearing. This would include hearings held by City Boards or Committees.

4) I will continue the use of my public Facebook page. As stated early, I fully intend to continue using my page as a means communication between myself and residents.

5) Keeping my campaign website up and running. As long as it is financially feasible I will keep my campaign site up and running so residents can review previous statements and positions. This is a way of holding myself accountable to my community. If I vote on something that is contradictory to the platform I ran on, residents have the right to ask me why and ask for an explanation.

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